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Now that I have had my say about gapless, I would like to add two requests to your list:

Universal file visibility for playlists

Can they add a way to make all files on the device visible to a single m3u playlist? The way the files are segregated now, it breaks the m3u playlist system, because you can't make a playlist filled with files from both the external memory and internal memory.

This could be accomplished by mapping the external music to a folder in the internal memory hierarchy, like they already do when you use the player in MTP mode.



Alphabetical scrolling through artists/albums/folders using the R key.

From what I remember (do not have the player on me this instant), the right key does nothing while browsing folders/artists/albums, since you have to select using the center key. An alphabetical scroll, even unidirectional, would save me a lot of time searching my 3500 song library.

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