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Gapless playback
: it's even mentioned in the manual, but the Clip+ doesn't play gapless. I managed to achieve gapless playback with a few FLAC files (not all), but no Vorbis or LAME MP3 files. Make the Clip+ gapless for all formats - Rockbox can do it, and so should the stock firmware.
I think you made a mistake here. I've been using gapless OGG Vorbis files on my Clip+ with zero issues. The gapless playback of Vorbis is perfect.

I'm using CDex 1.70beta2 with the default aoTuV codec. And yes, I've listened to this dozens of times, it absolutely works.

Just a smattering of the albums I've tested with Vorbis gapless:

The Wall
Dark Side
Losing Streak
On The Third Day
The Police: Live!
12 Gardens
Lake Trout Live at 8x10

This list above spans almost every musical genre, and includes studio concept albums and live recordings. I've listened critically for every gap with my Maudio AV40s and also my MS-1 headphones, and I can detect nothing. The playback sounds like the CD in every case.

LAME mp3, on the other hand, is not gapless (but damn well should be). But I say, please get your requests straight, and take Vorbis off the list.

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