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Old 10-06-2009, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by anthony_samson View Post
Ö Ö However the hiss that was mentioned was still present. It was a different sort of hiss. You said that the hiss would be reduced when an amp is used. By the way, the LD was used at 75% on gain 4. Ö
Well I did tell you that the se530s are overly sensitive and that a portable amp should help. Unfortunately some ampís can introduce a little hiss as well, although I canít help but notice that you had it on gain 4, isnít that the highest or is 8 the highest setting? IMO with 36 ohm iemís you should have the gain on the lowest, the higher settings are for higher ohm headphones. AFAIK the Little Dot MK I is supposed to be able to drive up to 300 ohm phones, like the hd650ís, clock that gain back to see if it makes a difference in the hiss you are getting.

BTW you might wana try a little op-amp rolling too, here is a quote from dfktís recent amp review (front page) to give you an idea on some other op-amps:

Originally Posted by dfkt
... I tried a few varieties and found the National LME49710 op-amps to be superior to the stock AD8610 in most aspects (less background hiss, somewhat punchier bass response). Burr Brown OPA627 were pretty much exactly the same as the AD8610, and Linear Technologies LT1115 didnít work at all in the MBE+ (loud oscillating sweeps, very noisy). Other op-amps that should work well are the Analog AD797, but I didnít try those myself. ... review link

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