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Lightbulb the secret to applying screen protectors without bubbles

I was like everyone else trying to put on those darn films on top of the screen trying very hard to get it on without any bubbles or dust particles. If you get even the tiniest piece of dust, it sticks and creates an impossible to remove bubble. It's nearly impossible to do it right most of the time, even harder to have it perfectly centered. Many times I just gave up and threw the screen protector away.

Just a few nights ago, I was getting frustrated trying to put on the screen on my HTC G1. While I was putting it on a piece of dust flew under the screen and got stuck to the screen protector, it was jut horrible... I was about to throw the screen protector away and give up, and just then it occurred to me! I found a way to do it... I found a way to put the screen protector with relative ease without having to worry about dust, positioning problems, air bubbles.

As far as I know, nobody else did this... I've searched forums all over the Internet trying to find out if anyone else did it this way before... looks like I'm the first to discover this.

I'm sure by now you're curious, what is this strange new method of putting on a screen protector that makes it so easy? It is very easy... you'll laugh at how simple it actually is...

Put a drop of liquid on the screen.

That's it. That's all it takes! It doesn't really matter what liquid you use, but of course things work better if you use something with relatively high vapor pressure. I used 90% isopropyl alcohol. (Important bit of common sense: don't use water with dissolved solids like salt water, hard water or chicken soup and don't use oily substances, don't use liquids with suspended particles, don't get liquid on the internal components.)

The liquid makes it so that the screen protector is free to slide around on the screen while you're installing it. With the liquid on the screen, you can slap on the screen protector and just wipe away all bubbles easily. After you put it on, if you see any dust you have to act fast before the liquid dries. Don't peel off the protector, just slide the screen protector out of the way a little bit to reach the dust, remove the dust and then slide the screen protector back, all without peeling... this is something that was impossible without the liquid. Once there's no more dust or bubbles, push the screen protector to make it completely centered, then use the bubble remover like a squeegee to push out any remaining liquid while you hold it down to prevent it from sliding around. As you keep removing the liquid, the screen protector will start to adhere strongly and will stop sliding around. Keep squeegeeing for a while more.

If you did it correctly, the screen protector should be perfectly centered on the screen without any air bubbles, no dust, and it will not slide around.
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