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I don't have a problem with shuffle at all. It works as it should.

Boundaries work either in folders or the library (tags).

Folders as previously described should work. Shuffling will be determined by the folder structure. The higher in the directory tree, the more songs shuffled. As you navigate down, you limit the boundary. e.g. You have your top 100 songs in a folder, but underneath, each set of 10 is ranked within the 10 subfolders. At the 100 folder you could shuffle 100 songs, but, if you go to the 51 to 60 subfolder you would shuffle just 10 songs.

If you navigate to "songs" every song is shuffled.
If you are in "artist" every song by the artist is shuffled.
Genre is another possibility.

Here's me question though. Within the library, the songs are organized by ID tagging. Are there standard tags that determine the library structure, or is it organized by ID tag data that has been passed along with the music file? e.g. If I add a new file with a new ID tag category, will it be added to the library as new category? I suppose I could just go ahead and figure this out by myself, but, I figured someone all ready figured it out all ready.
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