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Help d2 battery sd cards

how much battery life is expected out of playing only from sd card?

i am using a sandisk standard sdhc card ( class 2) 16GB. and with in four-five hours the battery life dropped by 2 points (3-1). seems only 8-10hrs of battery life from sd card. although a through test need to be conducted(i understand battery meter is suspicious).

any idea which sd card gives better battery life for d2.

please share your experiences with your d2 with sd card.
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I never did notice any significant difference on my D2, playing from internal memory or card (8GB Kingston, 4GB Transcend). Not sure how much it was, but I always got around ~40 hours out of my D2. And as you said, the battery graph is not a reliable indicator of battery life.
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Me too. I have stuff on the card and in main memory and I go back and forth a lot. I haven't really looked for a difference but if there is one it's not enough to call attention to itself.

The memory in the player is flash memory and the memory in the card is flash memory. Some flash uses more power than other flash but the biggest differences occur when writing to it and it's plugged in, then. There might be other factors that influence this but offhand I see no reason to expect a difference.

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true. the battery meter fooled me. fully charged and after more than 20 hrs of listening just two points vanished.

this is only from playing through sd card with all the effects on at vol 18-20.

will try to post absolute times in near future.
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