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Originally Posted by JDavid_Le View Post
Anyhow I retested my Cowon S9 again with this time video playback. It lasted 7.5 hours straight playing continuously a 50 minute documentary with BBE on and brightness of 6 at volume 20. Is that a reasonable battery consumption life for the S9? I don't want to exchange it for reasons that I have read that those that sent it back either gotten defective S9, lower memory capacity or worst battery life.
lool. that kicks ass.
jeez. brightness 6 volume 20 and BBE. nice. haha yeah that's good i think.
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I want to ask if you guys are converting videos to 480x272 to get better battery lifes? And how much of an effect you think it has?

Since I'll be taking a long flight with a few hours layover (19 hrs total ) in a bit over a week, I tested to see what was the max video playback I could get out of my S9. I've had it only for a few days and so it has only gone thru 3-4 recharge cycles, so it might not be optimal yet but here is what I got.

I tried a DVD rip of a TV series.
Size: 624x352
Video: XviD ~1000kbps (VBR) 24fps
Audio: MP3 ~128kbps (VBR)

Player Settings.
Brightness: 1
Volume: 15
EQ: Normal
BT: off

It ran for 10hrs 15min before it turned off. I switched it on again but only got 5 minutes more before it turned off again.

Does video resizing and bit rate affect the battery that much?
My bit rate is likely much higher than a video with ~40% less pixels.

It's hard to compare to Cowon's specs, but their 11hrs with a 480x272 video (no bit rate stated) was at Brightness (4). I couldn't replicate their time even though I set the lowest possible brightness!
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well, i dnt convert video, i thing that ist useles. s9 has fast cpu.
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You're right, it does have a fast enough CPU, and all my videos are playing smoothly on it without any conversion.

But what I was asking was does having larger dimensions and higher bit rate have that much of affect on battery life?

I was expecting to get more than the rated 11hrs (or at least 11hrs) when I dropped the brightness to (1) even though I am using larger dimensions and probably higher bit rate.
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Yes it does make a difference on battery life if all your videos were 480x272 or lower resolution
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All this talk about the possibility of a defective battery is actually scaring me now :S

But I love my player to much to not use it for two days. D*** testing!
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oh man since i started this thread my battery start getting worse.. though i do give it that i have bbe effects and listening to flac and 320kbps music but 7 hours is a joke
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7 hours is indeed not what it's supposed to be. I assume you still have warranty on your player? Send it back for a replacement.
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I didn't really test but I took a 6 hour train ride in which I watched videos and audio and adding the four hours it took to get to the train station on the subway (both ways)~ the bar is still pretty full....i wouldn't even need to charge it for a day or two.
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