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MTP is developed by windows and so using it on other OS-es isn't that easy. In windows XP SP2 and above you just plug it in, and it shows up as a portable media device. MTP is basically a dumbed down UMS, it's technically drag and drop but has some limitations as to what goes where on the device, for the sake of being user friendly. MTP is also compatible with a variety of media players like Windows media Player, media monkey etc, and allow you to synch with these programs, create playlists and so on.
so wrong, its not dumbed down, and doesn't require any 3rd party apps, and the worst you will get if you try and put unsupported data/media on the device is a warning that the device doesn't support that format but that you can send the data do the device for transport.

and this isnt locked to windows, I have used MTP mode on osx and linux, tho only noobuntu currently comes with MTP support out of the box, it is not hard to install in my experiance, I got it working on VectorLinux and even slax very quickly, and im not a linux guru.

UMS is basically exactly what it says - universal mass storage. It installs itself on any USB compatible OS (Windows 98SE and above, Linux, OS-X, and USB On The Go capable devices such as USB DVD players, car stereos etc). It shows up as a removable drive, and it's up to the user to put stuff where it belongs. This is preffered by many because of the OS independency, while others prefer to have the synch options of MTP.
correct term is MSC, nobody is 100% sure where UMS came from but its not and never was the proper term for these devices.

please people stop with the CRAP about MTP mode being inferior to MSC or "dumbed down" ITS NOT, Infact it offers alot of things MSC mode CANT OFFER.

MTPz as used by the Zune(pos) is locked into use with spicific software/hardware that has a secure encrypted handshake, and it SUCKS, but this is not how MTP mode is on non-ms/apple devices.....

I have posted a pic/screenshot of my use of MTP mode, it shoud make it clear that MTP is no worse (when properly used/setup) then msc mode.

note normal windows explorer file/folder structure, if you need i can show what happens when i drop an exe or another unsupported media type on the device, theres no problem dropping any file in any folder i like......

this is true for my samsung and sansa players.
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