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Thumb Up Rockbox Is Amazing, Works Great For Me

I had rockbox on my V1 Fuze around June of this year, I had to compile it myself, and it worked. There were tons of bugs though. One of the things I was excited about was gameboy games on my Fuze. At that time they ran, but the speed was terrible, and the games weren't playable at all. I eventually took rockbox off because of all the bugs in it.

Then about three weeks ago I put it back on. This time I just followed the directions on the rockbox site, and it's completely useable! I rarely run into any problems with it. The only things missing as of now are USB support and recording. It would be nice to have the recording, but it's not something that I use a lot. Gameboy games now run full speed,(maybe even a little faster) with sound. Simply amazing.

Thank you everyone who has made this amazing software possible on my Fuze!!
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