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Default I have just finished a battery test on my S9...

I have had the S9 for a week and it has gone through 3-4 charge cycles. Playing music at 192kbps for about a couple of hours and then deciding to test the battery life, I stopped playing the 192kbps tracks and began playing 128kpbs (a quarter of the battery had dropped by the time I started playing the 128kbps tracks). The screen was off, volume at 14, eq set to normal. I got 40 hours of audio playback out of the player. I am happy with this, but was wondering if I shouldn't be, and if my unit is defective for not giving me closer to 55 hours of battery life?
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Most manufacturers exaggerate with their battery lifetime results. They're made under lab conditions, usually (meaning 128k MP3s with no EQ/BBE and backlight off) - 40 hours seem quite good to me. I'm getting about 35 hours out of mine with LAME -v0, my EQ settings, and a lot of turning the screen on and off.
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40 hours is good. I've only ever seen one DAP(Sony NW505) get better than the manufacture suggest battery life, and wow it had some battery life(65 hours tested by me).
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I heard these conditions apply with no Audio optimisations and screen brightness of 4, I've got mine on 3 and usually get quite alot of hours out of it, recharge it every week.
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