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Old 09-16-2009, 09:32 PM
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things i hate about zune.

Zune Suit

Zune Suit

Zune Suit

lack of vorbis/flac/musepack support

zune suit

zune suit

zune suit

lack of MTP/MSC support/being forced to use zune suit......

I bought a 30gb zune, and after having to HACK the windows registry to get the suit to "install" due to ms not testing the installer on 64bit windows properly i was annoied, then i found i couldnt put non-video/audio files on the zune (cant be used as portible hdd as well as media fail)

I eventually got so tired of the problems that I sold the zune to a friend and went out and got myself another samsung player then a 4gb fuze and then a 8gb fuze(and still had money left from selling the zune.)

oh and zunes lack of expantion options makes it truely fail vs the fuze and clip+ from sansa, OH YEAH and its audio quility is lower then the sansa and samsung devices.......*shakes head*

the zune would still be in my hands and in use if it wasnt for the fact that its locked to the HORRIBLE Zune software suit......
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