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1) Universal remote control software, or at least a remote for Windows Media Center. For 7MC, it could even be a sideshow device. After all, as I understand it the Zune team is in the same group as the ehome group that handles Media Center. Would it be too much to ask for some interoperability within a couple of MS's best products that not many people use?

For the universal remote functionality you'd have to have some kind of IR blaster to work tied to ethernet, so if it's coming from internal MS teams I would assume that might be a bit hard to do. So I'd be OK at first with a MC remote Or maybe 7MC could function as the bridging device on the network and work with one of the blasters that used to be supplied with the MS certified media center remotes

2) Xbox Live app that would allow for messaging, achievement views, queuing of downloads, etc. Again working within the same division at MS I believe...

3) Workout tracker/timer. Ideally would work with music playback to do interval timing.

4) This is not likely an app, but I'd like some playback speed control (with tone adjustment) to allow for faster playback or slower playback (like Windows Media Player does). Good for podcast/audiobook playback. Ipods and some other players have this already...
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