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Default Random Play Widget

Hi everyone,
I'm loving my S9 and am particularly pleased with the steady stream of firmware updates and additional features. It seems to me that Cowon are more responsive than most when it comes to user feedback/requests.
What I'd really like is a "random play all" widget. I do most of my listening in the car and have the s9 in this mode so I can just hit FF button if I don't like what comes up next. This is fine but what would be really cool would be a widget that goes straight to random play all and then if you hit it again returns to normal play mode. This way if I want to stick with an album that comes on I can do so quickly and easily and without taking my eyes off the road!
I hoping that someone knows whether this already possible via flash or whether Cowon could be persuaded to include it in future updates.
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Don't know of a widget, but there is a work around. Navigate to the songs from the browser to get access to every song on the S9. Select one than hit play. From there you can set it to random. Be aware that the S9 will not automatically shut off until all songs have played. So you my run out your battery if you leave it on over the weekend. I also suggest you have swipe turned on to quickly skip songs. It will give you options if your upper right buttons are in an awkward position when you grab the device. IMO the hard buttons are easier to use with your left hand. If your car is right hand drive like in the UK, this may not be applicable.
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