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Default Problem with track sorting

I'm using Samsung K3, and ever since I bought it I've had problems with track sorting. For instance, when I put an album on the player, the tracks are sorted in some random order (even though the track information is correct).

The only solution I've found is editing each track name in the album and put "01, 02" etc. in front, but even that doesn't always work (not to mention how it screws up my profile ).

Any suggestions?

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What firmware version are you using?? 3.x are using mp3 tag information 4.x are using file browsing...

I had some strange issues with track orders, too. What I found out is:
  1. When you rely on mp3 tag information for the track ordering, then make sure in the mp3 tags there IS information about the track number and there IS NOT information about the album number. Don't ask me why...
  2. When shutting down and re-starting the player the play mode switches to "all tracks". But it only does that when you browsed by "Genres", it somehow does not when you browsed directly by "Artist". Again: please don't ask me why...
Both findings only work with mp3 tag information, i.e. 3.x firmware!
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