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I also have a 4gb with 2.00us firmware, but mine behaves differently...
  • You press the off button and it goes into standby.
  • Its stays in standby for some period of time (18/24/48 hours?), during which time it has the instant turn-on feature and the battery drains a bit.
  • After that period of time of not being used it fully shuts down. The battery doesn't drain during this time but it takes a couple of seconds to turn on.

I don't see why your behavior should be any different scrannel? That is confirmed (although not the period of time, which is guessed) how the clix works. Does yours power on instantly after this supposed complete power-off... how are you sure it powers off?

There is a way to make it power off completely; put the hold switch on and push the reset button with a pin. The hard-reset causes a power-off but having the hold button on stops it from turning on. I haven't tried this yet but its supposed to work.
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