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Default Is the Stone extinct?

I just trashed my Stone Plus w/Speaker that I bought in June 08. (Got it wet... it still works as a flash drive, but as a stand-alone player, it acts like the volume-up button is stuck.) Went out to buy another one and I can't find it anywhere! No one online is selling them new either. A few refurb's but that's it.

How can this be? The feature set in this thing was amazing. Great battery life. Solid and sturdy. (But sadly, not waterproof.) At first, I thought the speaker was a silly feature, but I used it almost every night as the modern "transistor radio under the pillow". Yes, the menu system is a bit odd at first, but it also remembered where you had been last which helped a lot.

As a replacement, I had to buy a Sansa Clip+ which is apparently the latest and greatest, but it doesn't have the speaker or one-touch clock. Or the "Track Once" mode which I used to listen to podcast files, to stop at the end of each podcast so I could delete the file. I'm sure I'll adapt to its limitations, just like I did with the Stone.

Is Creative in trouble, or have they decided to get out of this part of the market?

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