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Originally Posted by oncdoc View Post
i purchased QT pro. darn thing is expensive JUST to download some lectures off the web thinking i could listen to em on the s9. but how? mediamonkey does not recognize MOV files. Can i just cut and paste them on to a playlist via explorer?
I'm not sure I understand what you say.... but here goes - you only need Quicktime Pro to create MOV's, you only need the normal (awful) Quicktime player to listen/watch those files. Or even better, and much less obnoxious, the hacked QuicktimeAlternative version, which doesn't spy on you or runs background processes on your computer, like Apple's shoddy product does.

I hope you can get your money back for the QT Pro you bought.

As for converting that stuff: deinstall QT Pro, install QTAlternative and use Badak or SUPER to convert the movies to XviD/AVI, or the audio to MP3.

Just FYI - there is not a single (decent) player besides the iPod that works with MOV files. One would wish that highly limited and crippled format would die already, but it lives on and on....
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