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Default S639F won't power on, won't charge

I have an S639F that's about 9 months old. Three days ago, I found that it wouldn't power on, or charge when I plugged it in, either to the computer or the mains. I'd been using it the previous weekend and I think I let the battery discharge completely.

According to Sony's support site, if the battery has completely discharged, it won't recharge through a computer's USB port because "PCs USB with 5V/500mA set up has not enough power to start up the charging process because loading current is greater than the set up, therefore USB is disabled immediately due to sudden current load." They say that the remedy is that "the supplied AC adaptor must be used firstly because it is providing 5V/800mA power. After a couple of minutes the unit can be connected to PC without problem then it can continue the charging during file transfer, etc."

Of course, an AC adapter wasn't supplied with the player. I'd been using a Lupo 1000mA USB Power Adapter to charge the battery -- I just plug the USB cable into the adapter. However, this won't work to recharge the battery either.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? Is it possible that the battery has died (it was holding a charge just fine up to last weekend)? Is is worthwhile buying the official Sony wall-charger, i.e. is that likely to work when the USB adapter didn't?

Thanks for any advice.
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That may work, but how much would that cost? Unlikely, also, if your own charger doesn't work.
If it's under a year, send it back.
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Well here is the thing, due to the fact I own both an A1000 and A3000, I have the AC adapters that shipped with both devices, the model name is AC-S508U.

the input is all world, output is 800mA DC 5V which means this would work on the S630. If you can find a charger that does 800mA and 5V then this should work.

I have use my charger in europe a lot when I traveled, it is handy when you have no USB to charge off.

I have never had this issue occur on my 818, but again perhaps the 630s are different? As Dreamnine said if it is still under warranty send it back because the battery should not have died in such a short period of time. Unless one can fry or damage the battery when using a too large of a charge ie 1000mA?
-Ascariss - Sony Crew
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Thanks, Dreamnine and Ascariss. You're right, sending it back is indeed the most sensible option. Ascariss, my brother-in-law, who works with electronics and computer hardware, says that the 1000mA from the USB charger ought not to have had any adverse effect on the battery. Too much voltage, on the other hand, could indeed fry it.
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