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Originally Posted by scowl View Post
I want to record something off the radio. I'm nearly out of space. What files would free up the most space if I delete them?
I see now, you need a quick decision on what to delete.
You could look on the tags for a hint. The higher the bit rate and
length of song, the larger the file. I don't think there is a batch
process that would identify these for you. The only way I know
how to do this is file by file in the "now playing" view within the
music app.

I doubt this gets you where you want to be, but, at least you
can make some kind of informed decision. I'm guessing your
goal is to delete the minimum amount files while deleting the
most space so you don't have to replace later any more files
than you have too.

The others are right, video first, then higher bitrate music files
would be my suggestion.

Has anyone asked Claw, if this is an option that could be toggled
into the tags viewer "behind" the album shot? Not sure that
file size is actually stored in the tag. Probably in some files, not
in others. It would be useless to put it there, since normally you
can get this information without a tag viewer. Still, maybe a
widget could be created. I'm not a flash programmer, so, I have
little knowledge on what the possibilities are.
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