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The following are the best small players:

Sansa clip-very small (smallest of the best), great sq, drag and drop, fm radio (not very good reception), voice recording, not so good user interface (UI), battery life is so so, no video, no touchscreen.

Sony S series (when it is released)- fairly small (thin too), drag and drop, excellent sq (the best), fm radio (good reception), voice recording, fm recording, easy and great UI (the best), great battery life, decent video, speakers, but no touchscreen.

Cowon d2- fairly small (thicker than the others), drag and drop, great sq, fm radio (not good reception), voice recording, fm recording, ok UI, excellent battery life, good video, ok touchscreen.

Sansa fuze -fairly small, same exact features as Sansa clip but better battery life, video (not that good though), and slightly better radio reception.

IMO, good tactile buttons > touchscreen. Can't operate touchscreens blindly (in pocket or while working out). I would wait til Sept 25 for Sony S series to come out. Can pre-order one from SonyStyle though.

If you can't wait then get a Sansa clip to hold you. The Sony would be best because it is the easiest and fastest to operate (most efficient), has the best SQ (especially for those who don't like to tweak their players), and has a nice small thin size.

Don't get the X series though (even though it has great touchscreen). It is too expensive, not quite as small, and not loud enough for car stereos and full sized headphones.

There are other great players but they are not small.

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