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Default New owner, so what can I do with this thing?


This is my fourth media player (second iAudio) but it rather stands apart from anything before in how complex it is. I was rather surprised to discover an active forum and a bunch of subforums all dedicated to this one device. Short of reading everything, could you guys give me some highlights of what I can do with my S9, in terms of enhancements/customization?

For one thing, I understand you can mess with the ui. I don't suppose the physical buttons are reprogrammable too? I do language courses sometimes and I need to pause playback. The physical pause button is not great to use, esp when I have the player in my pocket.

Otherwise, if there's anything relating to audiobooks (the unDRM kind) or podcasts I'd also be interested to know about it.

One thing that seems to be missing versus the iAudio F2 is once it powers on it doesn't immediately play music, I have to hit Play first. Do you know how to fix this?

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Hi numerodix,
Here are some useful links for noobies:
AFAIK it's not possible to reconfigure the physical buttons.
Claw's Wallpaper UI has an option for auto play on start up.
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1. Keep the firmware updated.
2. Play with the device and every app and make a list of things you think could be better. Once you know what could be improved you can probably find a replacement app that solves that issue.
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Hi numerodix, welcome to abi, hope you enjoy! I’m surprised that no one recommended to read this.

abi >> | Forum Rules | Glossary | Why Rockbox | FLAC or MP3? | irc
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