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Old 08-24-2009, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Enigmatic View Post
Yes, perhaps something like that. But perhaps you might want to first divide that gigantic folder in half to see if it actually shortens the refresh times—so that you do not waste too much time if it turns out to be an incorrect suggestion.
Na, in for a penny, in for a pound. I told MediaMonkey to copy the entire \70s folder, all 1,127 MP3 files, into artist\album\song subfolders. When I tried to copy them to the emptied (not reformatted) 4G card, however, the card became filled before everything was transferred...according to WinAmp, there are 1,041 songs on the card with a tad under 2M free space. This is less than the 1,418 songs that were originally in the card...I really should have copied the \60s directory instead of the \70s directory, but it's too late now, considering how time-consuming the double-copy was.

Also pretty ugly...the ABBA songs alone (yes, I'm a little embarrassed, why?) are making quite the mess; five songs in four album folders - icky when considering the unnecessarily-long relative path names. M, of course, only has one song ("Pop Muzik" - you had to be then).

Anyway, crunch the card into the Fuze, fire it up, and refresh the media in...five minutes and fourteen seconds.

This is a two-minute improvement over the 7:14 earlier achieved, although there are 377 fewer songs here which may account for some of the difference, and at the tremendous cost of having over 400 subdirectories, containing at least one and in most cases multiple subdirectories, just to store the songs.

I suppose I should make a test with real honest-to-goodness albums to fill a 4G card to see if those speeds match what everyone else seems to see, but since that isn't how I intend to use the player in any event, it doesn't seem particularly desirable to do so. I mean, even if that speeds things up, it still won't work for me.

(I have a MediaMonkey report of the original \70s folder, if anyone is interested. It might illustrate the issue a bit.)

Originally Posted by sansaguy
As Walkgood said earlier your files should be well organized.
They are "well organized," the way I wish them to be organized for the purposes I have for these particular songs. I realize most of you organize and listen by artist or album, but I have (as I've said before) completely different requirements for this application. Songs will be "organized" for playback by playlists, not by ID3 tag or folder structure. The test files are physically organized by decade, as I wish them to be, with the fine organization handled by playlists. Works perfectly on the computers, should work on the player as well. It doesn't, so the player is the issue, not my chosen form of organization. Doesn't make the player "bad" (I really kinda like the little guy) but it does make it ill-suited for the assigned task.

And I've always believed the programming should accommodate the human, not the other way around.
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