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Originally Posted by biggeek View Post
Well, my replacement lasted a little over a month and then it died just like my first. The unit won't power on, nor be recognized by my computer when I plug it in via USB. I am very disappointed to say the least.

That's it for Zen X-Fi and Creative music players in general in my opinion. Whether it has substandard components failing, poor engineering or something wrong with their quality assurance practices...The Zen X-Fi is a dismal failure.

I'll put in to Creative for a replacement/repair under warranty, but only under principle. I'd rather have my damn money back.

I only wish I had kept my collection of bookmarks to different players I had made while researching them, but I deleted it after buying the Zen X-Fi.

Anything but Zen. Anything but Creative.

I understand that your player has turned out to be a faulty one and I'm just as disappointed as you are, but then the number of cases in which Zen X-fi has performed up to it's potential has been in majority, so one can't really comment whether there was some major mechanical fault in it's making.

As far as your research goes, I don't think you should be very disappointed since there are many new players in the market now, with a lot of price and feature variations, so it should be pretty interesting for you to go out and search for the best one according to your preferences. And of course, the feature provided by ABI where you can compare the players will help you a great deal.

Best of Luck
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