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Default Problems Zen Micro ( KMM19236339I15977L0KM )

With this reference I initiate a series of contacts with Creative's Support, as the emails have been many and very extensive I will try to synthesize the same and to refer by order numerical and chronological.
20/07/09 – From the page Creative Web I make use of the support and I expose the problems that I have to them with and player.
23/07/09 – They Answer my request along these lines Creative's Spanish service is not available and the problems that I expose them to that you make it in English
24/07/09 Mod. DAP MD0004 – I Make It in that idiom and I expose the problems that you present me to them the Zen Micro 6 GB -; Firmware's so repeated messages problem; The PLAYER is not connected; “PLEASE, connect it ”, etc. I tell them also that all Spanish and international forums are uncountable the users with these problems.
24/07/09 – They Answer that you should try the player in another PC with installed XP and answer them if the problem persists.
25/07/09 – I Answer Them that the problem persists.
27/07/09 - They Answer that you seem to be firmware's problem and that needs reparation but than for those products that are out of guarantee they do not have pieces enough and they offer me Creative's discount of the 10 % in the purchase of products.
27/07/09 – I Answer Them that the player buy it 3 years ago and 8 months ago and that I paid an elevated price all by himself and that I have not done an exaggerated use of the same besides laws require the reparation of the same previous the correspondent budget.
28/07/09 – I Receive an email they make to pad me out a series from relative data in to the player and your problems apparently for to transfer the subject to a superior instance for the resolution of the problem.
04/08/2009 – I Receive email that they thank the sent information in but they ratify themselves in what your previous adviser had diagnosed to the effect that the guarantee is outdated and that the spares do not have enough money for this player so that they offer 10 % of discount for purchase..
04/08/2009 – I Answer the email telling them that you are the same thing as they announced me in the one belonging to date 24/07/09, I tell them that the commerce Spanish and EEC Law force them to have spares to five years after the finalization of manufacturing of the product. That I bought at Spain the product and I am protected by the commerce Spanish and European laws. That they answer my what I claim them to strictly.
04/08/2009 – Your answer; Two years ago that stopped manufacturing it; That they do not have pieces to repair it and they keep on offering 10 % of discount for the purchase of your products.
06/08/2009 – I insist on his responsibilities as manufacturers and they answer always in the same way; They do not have pieces I deduct of the 10 %. Also I indicate them that it is shameful that a company of her level not have support straight on Spain and that, besides, force us to resolve any theme of support into the English language. Finally I make you notice that not even they have worried about knowing if the problem is of software or of hardware. Because coming from software any Creative's technician would be able to solve it. Finally if in a period of five days I do not have a satisfactory answer to the resolution of the problem I will publish the Spanish and international synthesis of these emails at all the Creative's forums.
06/08/2009 – They Answer than with trying the player Zen Micro in another PC they already knew that the problem was of hardware.

I am sorry to have hit the nuisance with the publication of this synthesis of the emails crossed with Creative's support but you were important in order that the consumers of the products of this Enterprise know as it is the level of attention that we merit them like users.

I am going to try to forward on the original emails to some stratum relative to Commerce of the C.E.E. and of Spanish Government.

You can come to think that this model of product Zen Micro took a short life, because if i i bought it at its launch 3 years ago and 8 months and they ceased to manufacture 2 years ago, could have a manufacturing defect structural because the complaints about this product both in Spain and abroad are numerous.

For all those that feel really swindled with this product I suggest an ample campaign of all those complaints to them, that like mine, they are sufficiently well-informed.

A silly sentence.. But an efficacious result. “ The united consumers.”
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