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Default RockBox CVS Build?

What does that mean exactly?

"2006-12-07: Sansa e200 builds added to the CVS build table"
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since rockbox and other open source software are developed by people who aren't on the same building and do not have direct communication, they use software like CVS

CVS means "concurrent versions system" which is a piece of software that keeps everyone who is developing software "up-to-date" with whatever the most "official" version of the source codes.

i don't know exactly what that means (i'm not really familiar with CVS) but my guess is, sansa e200 rockbox port is now officially part of the rockbox project.

nevertheless, for lay people like us, it doesn't really mean anything. the only thing we really need to watch for is "Rockbox for sansa has been released!!!"
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More here:
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The "CVS build table" is the table with builds that are done on each commit (by a server farm using donated server resources).

"commit" meaning source change in the official source code repository.
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