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Thumb Down Cowon S9 bummer

i bought a 32 gig Cowon S9 today. it doesnt even work. It keeps freezing and I have to reset it. None of the songs i loaded onto it work, the recorder doesnt work. it sucks! im so disappointed cuz i wanted it for months! and when i finally got it, it doesnt even work. i dont know if i should exchange it for another S9 or just get an ipod touch :-(
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im guessing the device you have is a malfunctioning unit, i suggest u exchange it. (I'm still waiting for my unit, but from the hrs. of research i hear nothing but good responses).
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I knoooow thats why im so disappointed! I researched for hours and hours and obsessed over it once i found out the S9 was the one i wanted. Then when i get it, it doesnt even work! After all the great things ive heard about it. i am so mad. now i gotta waste my time going all the way back to the store to get another one. with my luck they wont have any more. just the broken piece of crap one they gave me! UGH wish me luck!

if the 2nd one doesnt just gonna get an ipod touch and call it a day. but i really didnt want to get an ipod touch. i hate having what everyone else has. plus apple annoys me with their overrated crappy ipods. i like their computers but their ipods leave much to be desired. but i dont know what else to get...i dont want the p3 so o well.
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If its a bad unit then you will blame the whole model for it? Get an iPod touch & if the 1st unit of that you get is also trash & doesn't work then what? You gonna say iPod sucks (not that it doesn't) because its not working?!! Be sensible man, return your S9, get a new replacement & enjoy the music!
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