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I'm a huge fan of having a bunch of features in a single device as I already use most of what the Zii offers with my cell phone.

Wi-Fi - Even though the browser on my phone isn't too good and the screen is small I still use it to check out web pages maybe once every two weeks or so. I suspect I would use a device with a better browser and bigger screen all the time, probably every day.

Bluetooth - I find it very convenient to listen to my phone through the Bluetooth built into the audio system in my car. I just with Nokia's music player didn't suck so much. I've been a fan of Creative's music-playing UI for many years. I look forward to using the Zii to play music in my car.

GPS - I don't get a whole lot of use out of this. I don't travel into unknown areas very often though. On the rare occasion that I do need/want to use a mapping application it's been nice that it's there.

Accelerometer - My phone doesn't implement the accelerometer for much other than storing pictures with the proper orientation. I look forward to being able to switch between widescreen and "tallscreen" without having to manually slide the screen back and forth.

Rear camera - I would say 1.3 MP is too low. But, maybe Creative is super smart and innovative and is putting a very good, albeit low resolution camera instead of a crappy, high resolution camera. If the 720p video looks good I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it.

Front camera - This is one thing I haven't used a single time on my existing phone. I suppose it would be pretty darn cool to do video calls through Skype.

What else is there..?

256 mb of RAM - I would say that this pretty much guarantees the Zii will allow multitasking. That'll be nice as I don't want to have to close the web browser if I want to take a quick picture. Or maybe a better example: I don't want to have to close the camera app so that I can open the photo viewer app.

Decent resolution screen - Who could complain about that? 480x320 might be about perfect for this size screen.

32 gb internal storage AND a full size SDHC slot - awesome! Well, awesome as long as accessing the slot isn't as much of a pain in the ass as it is with the X-Fi. I have faith Creative will "get it right" this time.

Video out - This could be very cool! I've never had a device that both had video out AND had decent codec support so I don't have any personal experience in this area.

Video in(!) - Hmmm... I honestly can't think of a viable purpose for this. IMO DVR + PMP don't mix. -- imagine how long that sentence would have been if I spelled out each word!

Ambient light sensor - "meh"

One last thing...
Mini USB and proprietary port - the best of both worlds.

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