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Originally Posted by Ruoska View Post
Features I'd like to see:

1. Gapless playback. Honestly why can't the player just start to buffer the next song a few seconds in advance when the current song is nearing it's end? This can not be hard to do and it adds so much to live albums and such. This is should've been added to Creative players years ago.

2. Seek (ff/rewind) in Mediabox! The podcasts crash every now and then and maybe I just can't always listen to a 90 minute cast in one sitting. The WLAN also drains the battery like mad so sometimes I may not be able to finish it before the battery is empty. It really, really blows to have to listen to an hour and a quarter of a cast AGAIN just to hear the last 15 minutes because the battery died or the X-Fi crashed. FIX THIS PLEASE!

3. Give us the option of choosing between the X-Fi style typing or mobile style typing. X-Fi style isn't too bad, but mobile is more intuitive and everyone already knows how to do it quickly.

4. Everyone says this, but turn off the speaker when the phones are unplugged. Unplugging the phones means I'm putting the player away, not trying to annoy people around me with the hiss and fizzle of the crappy speaker.

5. Add the ability to edit file tags from the player. Let's say I have an album that for some reason doesn't have the genre or the artist specified. Just let me choose from existing ones or type a new name in the player itself. you think Creative ever reads this or should we maybe do some sort of a petition or something to get our message through? There's so much potential in their players but it seems like they always just fix the worst bugs and never really do anything to add to the value of our purchases afterwards. Firmware updates that actually add functions to your gadgets are one of the most exciting things nowadays with gaming consoles and phones and stuff!

Been a Creative man for years but I would've already gone for the a Sony Walkman X if they weren't so expensive and if my line of work wasn't so destructive to my DAPs. I pretty much waste one every year, they get scratched, dropped, banged and full of dirt..I'm in construction and renovation and am a somewhat careless person to begin with :/

Suggestion 1 would be a bit relative since many people might prefer it the way it is (I fall in that category) while many might want gapless playback. So the way out would be to have the option between gap and no-gap.

Also, suggestion 4 doesn't sound very practical to me, since when we take the earphones out, it is usually to switch to the speaker. As far as trying not to annoy the people around, you'd rather lower the volume or keep the earphones on (and then lower it).

As for creative hearing us is concerned, I'm not sure if they read the suggestions from ABI but they certainly do invite suggestions through email, which is something you can always do.
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