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Default Any chance of firmware updates?

This is my first Sony PMP, so I'm not sure if they've ever had firmware updates for their PMPs before, but is it possible they would release an update with things like gapless playback, etc.?
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Unlikely for Sony. Unless there was a major bug.

They usually get things right the first time.
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There is a firmware update for the X, Japan model. (1.02).

(In Japanese)
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Here's the Japanese to English translation:|en&u=

PS: It's useless to most of us, as the model in question seems to have a TV tuner. And, it's actually a bug fix, not an update. Sony only issues bug fixes, that's all.
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Sony could sure take a lesson from the Koreans. Not that I mind buying technology that gets it right the first time. This Sony has considerable room for improvement though, and it would generate a good buzz for the device if each update added a feature or two. Consider the Samsung P2 and the Cowon S9. Easily the most popular forums here. The P2 in it's prime, and the S9 right now.
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