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hehe, soo much to say ....there were sooo many awesome setups. You have to check out the pics, they say a thousand words.

Im in the guy in the middle with the hat backwards, in the first picture. I posted my thoughts there.

However...just a short version...The Orpheus is extreme nice. They are very crisp..but not over the top. They are sorta warm. I cant really put into words, but the sound is airy...with tube amps the sound is just soo perfect it just hard to explain.

The Sony r10s were as much detail if not more, alittle more isolation too. I cant belive how much those headphones cost. I was amazed that Ray's new mini amp (tomahawk) can power the R10s. They are however HUGE and alittle weird to wear on the head.

AKG k1000s were a mixed bag for me. I loved them and hated them all at once. If you never seen these, i wouldnt really cosider them headphones. They are more like head speakers. There is no isolation what so ever, so you can pretty much hear everything. They sound strange at first, but once you get them into a nice tube amp they just open up. Not bass heavy at all, but nice and tight...almost like a timpani sound.

Just alittle words
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