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Originally Posted by tarkil View Post
First of all, I'm new here (been reading this forum several hours per day for a week though), so hi to everyone.
Also I wanted to say 'thank you' to all you, because thanks to all my readings, I'm now the happy owner of a S9, which I'm really enjoying for now !

I could nonetheless use some of you guys help and / or advice.
I now need to buy a nice pair of phones to go with it, and I decided to go for some IEMs.

After lots of intensive reading of everything I could find, I ended with this shortlist of phones :
- Phonak Audeo PFE
- Westone UM3X
- Future Sonics Atrio M5

I live in Hong Kong, and would go try them if I could, but I don't know any shop where I could do so, so I'm pretty much stuck.

I listen mostly to every kind of rock (lots of metal, but pretty much anything with guitars), usually like hearing some bass to shape nicely what I hear and give a good skeleton. These would be my first real nice pair of phones, but I would really like to find some that suit me, and with which I would be able to enjoy nicely the S9.
And lastly, I'm definitely not a crazy audiophile with golden eears kind of guy, but I do enjoy listening to music a lot, and enjoy it even more with great sound.

Thanks very much in advance for your input.
hey im from hong kong using Phonak Audeo PFEs and they are great...its pretty much the best iems you can get for the price...just order them online as no one sells them locally
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