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Old 08-06-2009, 09:05 PM
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Default SOLVED zen micro 6gb microdrive to 8gb cf firmware blocked by mp11

Probably another case of DBD (defective by design) DRM crud in Media Player11. Too bad creative is in bed with MS in this occasion. How many casual users would know they needed a pre mp11 machine to restore their beloved micro? Guess I'm cheap, but I bought it mainly for: replaceable battery, long lived too. Can use it on linux boxes so easilly without jumping hoops. FM radio, and what sealed the deal was recording FM, as at the time I always listened to NPR Cartalk and recorded for later. Voice record.. gads, after trying it in a seminar, nothing beats it short of a lapel mic on the speaker. Set to mic record, lock the power, enter the seminar and it is good to record 10 hours.
regular ear jack, unlike the detested 2.5mm thing on my LG vx-8300 mp3 phone. And I am building a large button lighted remote box for it being so nice to me today.
Thanks anythingbutipod... looking for donation button now.
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