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Originally Posted by h1a8 View Post
Yet there is a way of having gapless playback on any file without the file being created for gapless playback (fundamentally different) and without having to build databases to actually create the gapless playback effect.
Link please? This is not consistent with what I know about MP3s, nor with the Wikipedia article on gapless playback, nor with the consensus on Hydrogen Audio back when I used to read those boards (a long time ago, I admit). All of these could be out of date, so I am open to the idea of being wrong, but I'm not going to believe you just because you say I should.

On a slightly related note (2.31b2), I figured that gapless would come to MP3 first since more people use it, and that's fine with me. They only support LAME's gapless tags (and not, e.g., iTunes files, though I wonder why someone who doesn't want to use an iPod would use iTunes). Again, that's fine with me. It's also consistent with my impression of the tech behind gapless MP3s, so I'd like to know more about whatever tricks other players use to get gapless MP3s without scanning the files.
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