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Default When Starting S9, Black Screen Before Menu

Is there a way to skip or get rid of the black screen that appears for 1 second when starting up my S9 right before the main screen shows up?

I'm not talking about the start up screen that says "starting". It's the blank black screen right after that.

I have wallpapers on each of my menus, but I'm not sure it has anything to do with wallpapers because it happens when I start directly to the music screen.

I would love for the S9 to start up and the first screen I see is the menu wallpaper, instead of the black screen. My black screen has a gray line through it and looks ugly.

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i dont think so..?
that sounds like the launcher.swf to me.
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I think that "black screen" is just the amount of time it needs to initialize properly after "starting"
kind of like there are a few seconds of "nothing" after windows stops the loading screen on a computer.

the flash UI is a lot of stuff to chug through for such a little DAP

educated guess
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