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Old 08-01-2009, 12:55 AM
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Default I now have a good spare parts player -or- perhaps a good project (Zen v plus 4gb)

Just bought my unit last week and after using a safety pin to hit the reset button I inadvertantly knocked the reset button switch off its seat. So I opened the player and attepted to re-attach it without success and then figured if I cut a battery wire and installed my own switch I could pop off the front plastic cover and hit that switch when needed. Well I didn't get that far since trying to splice the battery wire lead to one wire coming off the battery and then the other and to top it off I knocked the usb port off too so I gave up snce I don't have a hobbyist soldering iron and kit. If a Zen v plus owner wants this and you're decent at fixing things you should be able to get it back together and working and if not it would at least provide a good parts player to have around. I recorded 4 cd's on it and everthing worked fine until it needed to be reset and then I messed up that switch. The only thing that is not usable on the player is the reset switch. The battery wires can be re-attached + also the usb port because it still worked when I held it on by hand and connected my charger to it the player lit up.

Alternatively if someone here wants to help me out and think they can work on this thing for me at low cost I would appreciate that too and could mail it to you, thanks..
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