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Default Is there still volume problems with this Sony Walkman?

i have owned a sony walkman mp3 player before and i realised that after a few minor adjustments to the equaliser.. i could not hear the mp3 player loud after volume has gone past 15+... which was very frustrating... has this the same problem?

i currently have a P3 and its sound quality is ecstatic... its top notch... so many options to change the bass, clarity and then the advanced equaliser..

im very tempted in buyin this sony walkman xseries mainly because of its looks and the wifi compatibility but i have heard typing in the browser for websites is quite difficult and awkward like..

isit worth gettin one? other than wifi compatibility and a bigger screen i see no more different features...
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I don't think the Sony X actually has a bigger screen than the P3. In fact I think it is the other way around....
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OOOH i see... neways does it still have the volume problem?
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The only time a Sony player has the volume issue is when it's got the EU firmware on it. France has a volume cap on all players, and some EU countries do the same.
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Hi,on UK bought X1060(well,Jersey)model you can turn Volume Limiter On or Off.Maybe same for the rest of EU now?

Cheers BOB
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