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You sure it can't find any?

What Windows OS is the computer running? This technique is for XP, if you're running Vista, it's slightly different...

1. Go to your S9's root folder on your computer.
2. Click the icon labeled "Search" on the top bar...somewhere, I can't tell you exactly where.
3. Go to the options that have appeared on the left, and if prompted, select to search for all files and folders.
4. Go to Advanced Options at the bottom, and select to look for hidden files and folders and to not look in subfolders.
5. Leave the search keywords blank, and click Search. If done right, you should be looking at the root menu of your S9, and there may be a few files, one of which is called ds_store, as someone pointed out.
6. Delete all files not supposed to be there. The way you can tell is that their icons will be transparent.

You should be fine after that.

If you need directions for Vista, message me, because it is slightly more complex and confusing.
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