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Default Turn PC into Bluetooth Speakers?


I recently bought a Samsung P2 mp3 player. I love this little thing and I'm having a great time figuring out what I can do with bluetooth since the player supports it.

What I want to do is figure out how I can turn my PC into a set of bluetooth speakers for the mp3 player. Meaning I play a song or a movie on my P2 and my PC delivers the sound.

I have a bluetooth dongle and I'm using the latest toshiba stack (6.10 I believe?) I already can transfer files to and from the P2. I feel like it should be easily possible to use my PC speakers, the question is do I need additional software to make it happen. I already tried simply connecting to the P2 and then playing a song, that didn't do anything. I also tried changing my sound source to "blue wave" in the sounds menu in the control panel. That also didn't do anything.

Does anyone know a method for doing this, or software that would make it easier?

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like your computer doesn't support A2DP as a client. If you have a computer, play the files on the computer.
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Most PC bluetooth software only supports A2DP server/host, not client. Mostly because most sound cards or on board sound of PC's have a line in jack. So connecting via bluetooth is rather nonsensical. For one, battery life of the player doesn't last even 1/3 as long in bluetooth mode over wired mode, and bluetooth compresses the sound (from what I've read, the high end) where wired is exactly how the DAP output is, thus is a truer sound.

Winamp plays line-in. You goto preferences, input select line-in plugin. When you hit configure it tells you to use "Play URL" and type in linein://

And suddenly sound from line is being played through your PC sound.

Much simplier solution than trying to find or program a PC based bluetooth A2DP client for your bluetooth dongle.

I've been listening to the tunes off my P3 all day like this as I clean the computer room.
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I installed BlueSoleil and connected sucessfully my P2 with my PC for Bluetooth Advanced Audio. However , there's no sound coming out of my speaker 0_0... I don't know why but I was able to play my music on my P2 on a laptop with bluetooth in a shop before with any media player or anything . I just had to connect it with my P2 then I can hear what's on my P2 . I don't know any about the Toshiba stack but you could try the BlueSoleil stack , and you have to connect your P2 with your PC . Not PC to P2 ( I just realised now... Ughh... )
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