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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Well, it shows that we have a lot more S9 goodness on the way. I mean, if they've decided to expand the color lineup, it's just showing that THIS is Cowon's premier player!!!! Much more lies on the road ahead,...................
I hope and believe more lies ahead, although I fail to see the logic between a new colour and further FW development, cynic that I am

I also think the white one looks bloody awful
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Seems the S9 got beaten with the ugly hipster stick...
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Seems the S9 got beaten with the ugly hipster stick...
Naw, it's an S9'pod
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Naw, If they had come in a dozen nano-chromatic colors then we could blame Apple.

The S9 white isn't to my taste, but several other players are available in white, and to me they don't look bad at all. The iriver E100, a Philips clip-on, and iriver P7 is mostly white. None are that polished shiny white though. Maybe that's where the color goes wrong. Maybe a matte white would have been better.
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Actually I think it looks ok. But instead of glossy it should be a satin finish. Of course blood red and midnight blue can be interesting too. :-)
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I like everything in white but this one is indeed better in black.. the front fascia in black doesnt work with the white back. If they had made the fascia white (off course except for the screen) I would have been sold with this one

Edit: Bloody hell this thing looks like an Oreo
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