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Originally Posted by m_k View Post
Wow, the 236 version *does* work MUCH better than the 256 version.

Now, if only there was SOME way to... argh.

With the V1 Sansas, the miserable first generation SMC splits the videos into a ton of miserable short segments of a few minutes each, whereas with the V2 Sansas using the second generation SMC, it creates a single video file, without the constant interruptions.

HOWEVER, with the V1, if you apply sequential names to the files, the player will automatically jump to the next one upon completion of the one currently playing, whereas with the V2 Sansas, even if you DO split your video into multiple files (with sequentially numbered names) the player will NOT automatically jump to the next section.

This would be of no concern at all IF there was a bookmark and/or resume ability. Unfortunately, there is NO such functionality. The ONLY way to pause a video is to hit the button to pause it, and then leave it running (ideally without the auto power-off flag set) until such time as you're ready to resume viewing.

You can't turn the player off, you can't listen to a song, you can't even view any menus -- your choice is to either leave it running your battery down with the video paused, OR, turn it off, and then manually "resume" (by starting from the beginning and fast-fowarding as you try to eyeball "now where was I?" -- with NO counter, you can't even make a MANUAL note as to where you were when you stopped viewing).

It's "little" things like this that help sell product. Unfortunately, the product they sell is NOT labeled "Sansa"!

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

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