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I spent today searching the city for another zune after returning my 120gb with an unholy amount of dead pixels.

In one store I ran into a microsoft rep and he explained that all zunes are being pulled from canada due to microsofts inability to bring the marketplace to canadians. The idea is to regroup, and after a while hopefully re-release the zune to canada with a fully funtional marketplace. Most likely to coincide with the release of the zune HD.

I imagine a lot of uninformed canadians installed the zune software and were infuriated to find they cannot buy content from the marketplace like ipod owners can from itunes, yet alone even download free podcasts. I can see a lot of people returning their zunes because of this. A recall until the marketplace gets fixed would make sense.

I managed to scrounge up a blue 8gb model to tide me over, and after opening it found it was a (possibly) repackaged return. The papers inside were all bent up, the earbuds had the foamies on them and were tied up with a white "glad-bag" twist tie. I was able to return it for a pristine new 8gb black model.

I don't particularly yearn for the marketplace, I know how to get my podcasts anyway. But if it were available I would definitely use it.

For me though, I have fallen for the sturdy hardware, clean sound, myraid features and intuitive interface. Let's hope zune returns to canada!
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