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All you're really experiencing is the confusion that always comes from getting used to how one player works and then switching to how a different player works.
It doesn't matter how good or bad your first player's UI was, or how good or bad your new player's UI is; you'd still not like the new one at first until you got used to it as you did your original.

I went from a Cowon X5L to a Cowon S9. Even being the same manufacturer, their UI's are notably different and I didn't care for the new UI of the S9 at first.
But lots of playing around and getting used to it and it's now making just as much sense to me as did the X5L that I had used for more than three years.

Just keep fiddling around, and know that if there's something you used to be able to do on your old player, you will be able to do it on your new player (and more) if you're simply patient and open your mind to new ways of doing things.

Ogg and Flac or I don't listen, and the Cowon X5L and S9 do it best for me.
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