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Originally Posted by parispete View Post
So, keeping the list simple - and hopefully keeping an upper limit to around forty bucks - does anyone have any ideas about a small music player with good audio quality - and perhaps able to be played through a car audio speakers?
I play the Clip and the Z5 thru car speakers in exactly the same manner, off the headphone port.

Difference between the two? Well I like the Clip better. It turns on much quicker than the Z5 when it hasn't been used for a day or two. I think the battery on the Clip lasts longer but haven't done any serious studies. I think the Clip sounds better but not by much; however, I am not a serious student of SQ (ie I got crappy ears). Both do playlists. The Clip attaches easily to my shirt, the Z5 doesn't. The 2GB Clip comes in red or blue.

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