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Originally Posted by $ony$tyle View Post
Apples' Safari is holding the first spot when it comes to wifi browsing on the go, it is truly amazing, which i don't think anyone would disagree with that.


Opera Mobile 9.7 is the newest offer from opera, it is set to battle out with safari. it's faster and has scored 100 out of 100 in the Acid3 test, which tests a browser's compliance with the HTML standard.
If you mean this in regard to Portable Media Player (where you can't install a browser & are stuck with whatever comes bundled) then yes Safari is best there so far. But if you are referring to mobile devices in all (including PMPs, mobiles & all mobile pocketable devices) then no, Safari is not king there. Many better non-Apple choices available then, most on Windows Mobile platform (because Microsoft was sleeping with regards to PIE). Opera 9.7 is one good choice, its still lacking & buggy though, it needs a lot of work in terms of memory consumption & need to be stable as well, still a beta.

A good browser on WM platform is Iris Browser by Torch Mobile. Its based on the webkit engine as well just like Safari but it passed the Acid3 test with a score of 100/100 much earlier than Safari on iPhone/iPod did.

This I took just now just to show, otherwise Iris Browser had 100/100 score much earlier as well before it reached v1.0.

Another browser is Skyfire, which is not a full browser in itself but is rather a kind of VNC client which shows on the mobile client what the browser on Skyfire servers render. The Skyfire servers use Firefox, which though still doesn't get a 100/100 on Acid3 test but can render just almost anything on the web. The good thing about Skyfire being a kind of VNC client is that without any extra plugins etc it can render multimedia content on the mobile device, meaning without having flash installed you can watch YouTube videos on mobile device. Even though its not a full browser, I think it trumps all existing mobile browsers at the moment.

And then there's upcoming IE6 Mobile as well, thankfully enough Microsoft seems to have woken up as the competition races past them & they are scrambling to get their act together. From the demo videos of IE 6 Mobile (still in beta phase, unstable) it looks quite promising with ability for multimedia content & AJAX etc. & full pc like rendering of websites.

As for Netfront, sadly they seem to have lost their marbles. They used to be quite good & ahead in the game some 3 years back but then dunno what happened & where their focus shifted. The company got busy with other stuff I think.

This I took from the concept version of their v3.5 browser for Windows Mobile. Its not even in testing, its just a concept version, they said they don't plan to develop for Windows Mobile but still a score of 11/100 is..... its a pity!! It renders a number of websites ok though & others are still usable with Javascript & all. I used to use this on my Windows Mobile phone but after Iris Browser & Skyfire came I stopped using it.

Personally I hope that Opera gets its v9.7 stable soon, Microsoft gets IE6 Mobile stable & fixed & released soon & then we might start seeing some good browsers on PMPs as well.
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