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Originally Posted by kiyu727 View Post
But when I tell it to crop it will take parts of the screen away to fit, wouldnt it ? I mean when I told Media Coder to crop it cuts the upper and lower part away to fit the screen and the hard subs were cut away
So I set ripbot to NOT crop my vid.. Hope you can correct me if Im wrong
First, forget Media Coder and stay with RipBot since is simpliest and here we don't need others encoders than x264...
Talking of crop, cannot be really needed but for me is always better to do it so that the resulting video (of any aspect ratio) if viewed windowed on PC doesn't have any black bar. Is better to leave to players and devices manage the aspect ratio and so add black bars where needed, with anyway only two exceptions, devices that need and use specified forced resolutions, for example Sony PSP with the TV resolution wich must be 720x480 only or videos that have hard encoded subtitles on the upper/lower black bar, in these cases crop must not be used.
In conclusion, if there isn't any of the two exceptions above, set as sayed crop to Automatically and let RipBot remove any black bar, otherwise, or if you want anyway the simpliest thing for all sources, do not crop and set size to PSP.iPhone 480x272...
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