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Originally Posted by kiyu727 View Post
...tried Ripbot and after a lot of work it finally gave me a vid that worked on my "x" so I thought it would resize it to 480x272 but it simply added black bars T_T
I think you selected something wrong here because there isn't any problem with RipBot and especially black bars... You will see only black bars (as on any widescreen TV) obviousley with 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 widescreen aspect ratio movies on top and bottom and left and right with 1.33:1 full screen sources. With 1.85:1 sources all is perfect...
So... go to Properties, set crop to Automatically, then set size to Custom (the one with the aspect ratio inside brackets, not x,xx:1, this is very important!) and low the width until you see 272 in height for full screen (1.33:1) sources, for widescreen (1.85:1, 2.35:1, ecc.) sources set width to 480 and RipBot automatically will set the proper height... (and don't add any black bar!)

HDConvertToX is not very user friendly as RipBot but you can obtain the same excellent result since use the same encoder (x264) with more control over audio.

Originally Posted by kiyu727 View Post
I'll add the SUPER settings file so if anyone needs it (set to 1500 kbps and 480x270 ^~^ and other one with 500kbps)
One final thought here... IMHO is always better do constant quality encodings (CRF 20-22) than bitrate for encoder efficiency. Using a bitrate encode of 1500 kpbs, especially on small screens, is only a waste of space.

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