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Hey Guys,
I own the x 1050 and tried Ripbot and after a lot of work it finally gave me a vid that worked on my "x" so I thought it would resize it to 480x272 but it simply added black bars T_T

So I tried a lot of other Converters like Media-Coder, HDConvertToX, that cyclist prog which somehow ignores my changes on the resolution (while the quality was pretty poor imo) and wonderhows walkman converter (worst)

Now after many hours Im pretty pissed so I got back to "SUPER" which I consider as a ..uhm well .. average converter ( like how u would refer to Ip'od as an average player) and I simply copied the stats that where posted in the first post (wmv file) and finally it worked ^_^ though I still would be so happy if anyone could get me a proper converter for avc ...

I'll add the SUPER settings file so if anyone needs it
First set to 1500 kbps and 480x270 ^~^ (not recommended though due to big files with tiny improvments...)
And other one with 500kbps

When you push convert it asks Simple or main then you click on SIMPLE or otherwise it only suppoert 320x240
I added a zip containing a How to-image if anyone encounters any probs

and here the player (ofc a freeware)

You can mess a bit with the quality settings though
Still the pre-saved vids from sony look a tiny bit better so I guess someone has to find another (better) solution,this one is only for the time till one find something better ^_^ (Im not claiming SUPER gives the best ... but it can batch-convert my anime (up to 50 files per series ... )

PS: BlindBandit, your avatar pwns XD
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