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Originally Posted by EnzoTen View Post
Both very good, but i would describe the X series as less cold or less digital compared to the A728.
Check out the SQ section in my review.
So Enzo, You have had your X longer than anyone here. Do you find my experience to be about the same as yours or do you think that my player is a lemon?
I did some research today and found the following:
Now keep in mind that I have all 32gb filled, but while playing it takes approx.:
3 seconds to advance/skip to the next song, with another second or two to produce album art.
2-5 hardware button presses to go back to the last song.
2-3 hardware button presses to resume play from pause/stop/power off.
45 seconds to show menus when hiting the search icon and selecting album, artist, songs, genre and then another 10 seconds to begin play once a selection is made. Really? 55 seconds to access one track?

Looking for any advice here. Is this normal? Should I format the player? (I would hate to have to reload 32 gigs from scratch) Is it A lemon? Would corrupted files play a part? I'm at a loss. This is why I expressed such disappointment.

Also is it normal for the player to power down/standby after just 1 second of being paused?

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