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Depends on IEM though, i know the higher end ones pretty much require that you run a amp or the sound is just not as bright or bass not as tight.

For example, E4s, E5's, UE10's. These will sound ok without a amp, but with a AMP it opens them up as intended.

So let me dont NEED a amp, it will work without it...however, if you want the most of a set of 300$+ IEMs, a small 50-80$ amp is a small price to pay for SQ and Performance. If you have a cheap pair of IEMs then no you do not need a amp.

If you want to run your big home cans on the go, depending on which cans you have, you will want/need a amp or you will find that you dont have enough volume at times. Again, this depends on the impedance of the headphone in question.

Remember this, the more impedance on your headphones, the harder they are to drive. Ive seen mostly 16ohm and 32ohm. My HD555s are 50ohm. KSC75s are 60ohm.
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