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Originally Posted by BlindBandit View Post
Ok, you can encode up to 1.5mb in 2-Pass or 768kb but CRF is 1-Pass but with better bitrate & does the job faster but the problem is that the file size may get bigger since 2-Pass you can pick the size of the file when CRF you can't. for ex...

CRF 16 is what i use because the lower the number the better bitrate you get, also if i encode a video it take me around 10mins in CRF 16 mode but in 2-Pass may take me 20mins, so CRF is faster but you will not get 768k or 1.5mb all the time in CRF but does the job faster but in 2-Pass, you get the file size you want that about it.

You know what program I find the best (the fastest and the best quality ever). Is DVD Catalyst. I tried many free programs (super, ripbot, etc.) and the quality either didn't look as good or they were not as fast. They have several versions including a free version. They all may do nearly the same (I don't know) but I think the main paid version ($9.99) is far worth it. At least I look at it as a donation for the marvelous efforts of a great program. The program is easy to use (for dummies).
Here's the link:

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